"Helenita is the High Performance Coach I trust and admire when I need to have more focus in life and discover my potential.  Helenita is kind, thoughtful, and allows me to express my fear and explore my true desire that I want to achieve in a lifetime. In the coaching sessions with her, she always cheers me up and empowers me.  I have found more confidence and the simple practical strategies that I can apply every day to set focus and find the optimal balance of my professional career, my private and family life. " 

- Miyako Hazama, CHPC and Founder of Best In Me Academy -


"For all of my childhood and adult years, I was afraid of being in the water. I had tried and failed at learning how to swim multiple times, and it left me feeling like this fear would stay with me my entire life. In my late 30’s, I decided to try to conquer my fear again. I researched resources online and found Helenita Jacobs and the technique of Miracle Swimming. I took a week long intensive class with Helenita and it changed my life. Helenita was an excellent coach, always working with me to make sure I was in my body and feeling safe. She was compassionate, supportive, and inspiring – all the attributes that elicit trust. I would welcome working with her again in any capacity."


- Alpa Dave, Design Researcher, Microsoft -


"I’d spent the first forty years of my life in awe of water, but deeply afraid of it too. The idea of learning swimming crossed my mind many times but would get crossed off immediately because I thought I’d missed my opportunity to learn. At 41, someone close to me mentioned that I should do a triathlon. I was decent on the bike and I could run just fine. But don’t triathlons involve swimming? It was laughable, but I’d just lost a loved one and I needed to do something that got me out of my own head. I mulled it over for a year, all the while hearing my Ironman husband talk about this fabulous swim coach who was a guru to the triathletes at his training club. Then he told me she was about to stop teaching and it was now or never. I signed up, and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. 9 classes later and I was swimming without fear. 6 months after my first class, I did a sprint triathlon in open water and have done more since then. The impact that Helenita has had on how I view myself because of what she helped me accomplish is hard to express in words. I didn't need a cheerleader, but a seasoned expert who could identify my core areas of need and fine-tune the training such that I saw the results immediately. In swimming, she taught me that when things aren’t working, it is better to go back to the basics and reassess your swim strokes (life advice really). And fixing one problem with swim style usually fixes the many other problems that are downstream effects of that one mistake (really good life advice).  In races, I still have her voice in my head about what I need to do as I’m swimming. But it never was just about swim strokes. It was about overcoming fear, surpassing your own limitations, exploring new possibilities and doing it effortlessly. Her impact on me has been transformational, and I've seen it with friends who worked with her as well. I'm still new at triathlons, but without her, there's no chance I'd even be thinking about attempting longer distances in the upcoming future. "


- Niriksha Malladi, MD -


"I met Helenita when I was first getting serious about cycling. She helped me train for my first century ride and became a good friend in the process. Through her guidance and encouragement in those early days, cycling become a serious passion for me, and ultimately became a major part of my second career. I have fond memories of the time I spent training with Helenita, and try to apply the lessons I learned from her as I now try to coach and encourage others new to the sport."


- Jay Torborg, CEO, BikeTiresDirect.com -



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